About This Website

Like FontForge itself, this website is developed as a collaborative project–everyone is invited to contribute.

To help out, join the FontForge Users Mailing List and say hello. To make direct changes, sign up to GitHub and let us know your github username, and we’ll add you to the Website team.

Edit That Page

Contributing to this website is easy for anyone to do, like Wikipedia.

You’ll see a couple of little links to the “Edit This Page” roundel in the footer of each page. Click the “github” link and you’ll see the source file on GitHub. If you sign up to GitHub and log in, you can click the “edit” button.

There is also a link to prose, a more elegant UI for editing files on GitHub.

Diving Into The Design

To contribute to the site beyond simply editing the text, such as to adjust the HTML, CSS, JS, or other aspects of the design, follow the typical GitHub process: forking the site, starting a branch to label the overall set of changes, making the changes you want, committing each change, and then making a pull request to have your branch merged with the live site.

If that sounds unfamiliar, GitHub has excellent bootcamp tutorials (that really are excellent) to get you going. Here’s the project link on GitHub:



The website is under active development in US English.

If you’d like to start translating it, make a copy of the /en-US directory and rename it with your language code, and start translating. When you think the site is ready, make a pull request :-)

When a translation is ready, we’ll have to make a modification to the language dropdown in _includes/nav-main.html so that it will work to switch the URL (with the JS library jurlp)

(If you’re interested in translating FontForge itself, please refer to the FontForge User Interface Translations page.)


Massive thanks to those kind souls who have contributed to this website:

  1. George Williams, primary author of all of FontForge and most of the site’s contents
  2. Bevan Stephens, primary visual designer of this website
  3. Brian Zick, helped with the information architecture of the new site and scripts to convert the old content to markdown
  4. Dave Crossland, initiated the new site project, implemented Bevan’s mockups as Jekyll, wrote some of new website content
  5. Vera Lobatcheva, helped migrate the old content to the new site
  6. Your name here? :-)