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File List

A meandering bibliography of font related things bibliography.html
Advanced Typography tables gposgsub.html
Anti-Alias Comparison AA-Comparison.html
Auto Width and Auto Kern autowidth.html
Autotracing bitmaps in FontForge autotrace.html
BDF Info (Properties) Dialog bdfinfo.html
Bitmap Character View bitmapview.html
Building Accented and other Composite Characters accented.html
Building accented characters editexample4.html
Bézier Splines bezier.html
Change log for FontForge changelog.html
Changes to pfaedit (predecessor to fontforge) pfaeditchangelog.html
Char Info charinfo.html
Command Line Arguments cliargs.html
Consistent serifs and stem widths editexample3.html
Creating the letter "o" -- consistant directions editexample2.html
Encoding Menu encodingmenu.html
Error Recovery errrecovery.html
Examining and controling metrics and kerning editexample5.html
Extensions to Adobe's Bitmap Distribution Format for greymap (anti-aliased) fonts BDFgrey.html
Files used by FontForge files.html
Final cleanup editexample7.html
Finding common font problems automagically problems.html
Font Info fontinfo.html
FontForge index.html
FontForge -- An outline font editor for PostScript®, TrueType and OpenType fonts overview.html
FontForge install procedures for macintoshes mac-install.html
FontForge build procedures source-build.html
FontForge install procedures for MS/Windows ms-install.html
FontForge install procedures for unix/linux based systems nix-install.html
FontForge install procedures for VMS vms-install.html
FontForge's math pfaeditmath.html
Format for X11 pcf bitmap font files pcf-format.html
Frequently Asked Questions faq.html
Frequently Asked Questions faqFS.html
Frequently Asked Questions. faqFrame.html
Generate Font Dialog generate.html
Get Info getinfo.html
Glossary of (some) typographic terms GlossaryFS.html
Glossary of (some) typographical terms glossary.html
Help menu helpmenu.html
High level description of what each source file contains... src.html
Hinting hinting.html
Hot Keys HotKeys.html
Index realindex.html
Index IndexFS.html
License and Copyright license.html
Macintosh font formats macformats.html
Madagascar... mad.html
More advanced features, ligatures, mark positioning, character variants editexample6.html
Multi Layered Editing of Type3 and SVG fonts multilayer.html
Multiple Master Dialog multiplemaster.html
Multiple Master menu mmmenu.html
Non standard extensions used by FontForge in True/Open Type non-standard.html
Older changes to FontForge oldchangelog.html
Other software that might be of interest... otherlinks.html
Outline Glyph View charview.html
Palm Fonts palmfonts.html
Possible future improvements to FontForge future.html
Preferences Dialog prefs.html
Printing & Displaying Fonts display.html
Quotations used in the sample text for Printing quotations.html
Random utilities for examining fonts fontutils.html
Searching for shapes within characters... search.html
Select By Advanced Typographic Features selectbyatt.html
Show Advanced Typographic Features showatt.html
Special thoughts for special scripts scriptnotes.html
Standard Transformations on Fonts Styles.html
Starting FontForge running.html
Spline Font Database File Format sfdformat.html
Steps to creating a font... editexample.html
The Anchor Control Dialog anchorcontrol.html
The CID Menu and CID keyed fonts cidmenu.html
The Edit Menu editmenu.html
The Element Menu elementmenu.html
The File Menu filemenu.html
The Font View fontview.html
The Hints Menu hintsmenu.html
The Kerning Pairs dialog kernpairs.html
The Mac State Machine dialog statemachine.html
The Metrics Menu metricsmenu.html
The Metrics View metricsview.html
The Point Menu pointmenu.html
The View Menu viewmenu.html
The Window Menu windowmenu.html
The basic spline data structures of FontForge splinefont.html
The dialog for editing Contextual or Chaining Contextual features contextchain.html
The histogram dialog histogram.html
Tile Path tilepath.html
Transform Dialog transform.html
TrueType and OpenType tables supported by FontForge TrueOpenTables.html
UI data structures for FontForge views.html
UniqueID and XUID UniqueID.html
Unicode Corporate Characters used by FontForge corpchar.html
Untitled IndexFrame.html
Untitled GlossaryFrame.html
Using FontForge with TeX PfaEdit-TeX.html
Validating fonts validation.html
Viewing and Editing truetype instructions in FontForge. ttfinstrs.html
Wacom graphics tablets and FontForge wacom.html
Writing scripts to change fonts in FontForge scripting.html
Writing python scripts to change fonts in FontForge python.html
X Input Methods xim.html
X Resources xres.html
X Selections and the X Clipboard selections.html
acorn2sfd -- A program for comparing fonts acorn2sfd.html
sfd extension sfd.html
sfddiff -- A program for comparing fonts sfddiff.html

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