Hot Keys

As noted in HotKeys assignment you can nominate the hotkeys which you prefer for all items in any menu of FontForge. Some default hotkeys are shipped with FontForge so that you do not have to assign any keys yourself unless you want to make changes. The defaults are shown below:

Ctl-A Select All
Ctl-B Regenerate Bitmaps
Ctl-C Copy
Ctl-D Show/Hide Points
Ctl-E Find Problems
Ctl-F Fit in Window
Ctl-G Copy Reference
Ctl-H Open Outline
Ctl-I Get Info
Ctl-J Open Bitmap
Ctl-K Open Metrics
Ctl-L Set LBearing
Ctl-M Merge Point
Ctl-N New
Ctl-O Open
Ctl-P Print
Ctl-Q Quit
Ctl-R Set RBearing
Ctl-S Save
Ctl-T AutoInstr
Ctl-U Unlink Reference
Ctl-V Paste
Ctl-W Copy Width
Ctl-X Cut
Ctl-Y Redo
Ctl-Z Undo
Ctl-\ Transform
Ctl-1 Make First
Ctl-2 24 pixel outline
Curve Point
Ctl-3 36 pixel outline
Corner Point
Ctl-4 48 pixel outline
Tangent Point
Ctl-5 Anti-Alias
Ctl-6 Fit To Em
Ctl-7 72 pixel outline
Ctl-9 96 pixel outline
Ctl-0 Add Anchor Point...
Ctl-] Next Glyph
Ctl-[ Prev Glyph
Ctl-. Execute Script
Select First Point
Ctl-, Select Point At
Ctl-= Grid Fit Anti Alias
Bigger Point Size
Ctl-- Smaller Pixel Size
Smaller Point Size
Ctl-Shft-A Build Accented Glyph
Ctl-Shft-B Bitmaps Available
Ctl-Shft-C Copy Fg to Bg
Ctl-Shft-D Correct Direction
Ctl-Shft-E Expand Stroke
Ctl-Shft-F Font Info
Ctl-Shft-G Generate Fonts
Ctl-Shft-H AutoHint
Ctl-Shft-I Import
Ctl-Shft-J Join
Ctl-Shft-L Set Width
Ctl-Shft-M Simplify
Ctl-Shft-O Remove Overlap
Ctl-Shft-Q Close
Ctl-Shft-R Revert File
Ctl-Shft-S Save As
Ctl-Shft-T AutoTrace
Ctl-Shft-V Paste Into
Ctl-Shft-W Auto Width
Ctl-Shft-X Add Extrema
Ctl-Shft-_ Round to Int
Ctl-Shft-@ Average Points
Ctl-Shft-# Space Points
Ctl-Shft-% 32x8 cell window
Ctl-Shft-^ 16x4 cell window
Ctl-Shft-* 8x2 cell window
Ctl-Shft-} Next Point
Ctl-Shft-{ Prev Point
Ctl-Shft-> Goto
Ctl-Shft-< Find In Font View
Ctl-Shft-- Bigger Pixel Size
Alt-Ctl-A Select All Points
Alt-Ctl-C Copy Lookup Data
Alt-Ctl-F Find / Replace
Alt-Ctl-G Generate Mac Family
Alt-Ctl-H Review Hints
Alt-Ctl-I Show Dependencies...
Alt-Ctl-M Elide Point
Alt-Ctl-P Display
Ctl-Alt-R Revert Glyph
Alt-Ctl-1 Invokes user script
Alt-Ctl-2 Invokes user script
Alt-Ctl-3 Invokes user script
Alt-Ctl-. First Point, Next Contour
Alt-Ctl-, Points on Selected Contours
Alt-Ctl-- Zoom Out
Alt-Ctl-Shft-M Simplify More
Alt-Ctl-Shft-K Merge Feature Info
Alt-Ctl-Shft-I Glyph Info
Alt-Ctl-Shft-F Replace With Reference
Alt-Ctl-Shift-- Zoom In
Escape Deselect All
Ctl-Escape Invert Selection
Backspace Clear
Delete Clear
Help Help
F1 Help

Hot Keys are now configurable by editing a hotkeys file.

Different Keyboards

The above descriptions assume you are using a keyboard for an IBM pc or compatible. But different keyboard vendors label their keys differently and different versions of X may map them differently.

I am aware of the following significant differences:

  • On Mac OS/X the Option key is equivalent to the Alt modifier key
  • On Suse PPC linux, the Command key is equivalent to the Alt modifier key (And the Option key acts as a compose key in the same way it does on the Mac when not using X)
  • On Suns the meta (diamond) key is equivalent to the Alt modifier key.

FontForge will attempt to guess what keyboard you are using and produce menus with hot-key indicators that match the host machine. If you are displaying on a different machine from the one you are running on the menu names may be wrong. You can fix this up with the keyboard resource, or the -keyboard command line argument.

Tool modifiers in the Outline Glyph Window

Tool Modifier Result
pointer Shift Constrain horizontal/vert or italic angle/45°
Alt Select control points before normal points
Shift-Alt Constrain control point motion to original angle from point
freehand Shift Constrain horizontal/vert/45°
add curve Shift Constrain horizontal/vert/45° from last point
add tangent Shift Constrain horizontal/vert/45° from last point
knife Shift Constrain horizontal/vert/45°
scale Shift Constrain either to scale along x or y axis or scale both axes the same
rotate Shift Constrain rotation to a multiple of 45°
3d rotate
rect/elipse Shift square/circle
magnify Shift When dragging a magnification area, make it square
Alt minify
scroll Shift Constrain scroll either in single direction or by same amount in both directions
add corner Shift Constrain horizontal/vert/45° from last point
pen Shift Constrain points h/v/45 from last point Constrain control points h/v/45 from point
ruler Shift Constrain measurement to one direction
Alt Give current position more accurately
polygon/star Shift Constrains so that one of the vertices is horizontal/vertical/45°

Modifer keys for arrow keys in the Outline Glyph Window

- or -
Makes the arrow keys scroll
Alt Makes the arrow keys move by ten times as much as they would otherwise